Why Branding and Design is Important

Nobody likes a show-off. Grabbing attention and making yourself the focus can feel unnatural and uncomfortable.

However, when it comes to design and branding for your business, you need to be catching as many eyes as you can. People like brands that are impressive, memorable and different – and if you fade into the background, you’ll miss out.

Effective branding and design needs to strike a balance between style and substance. Show off the best aspects of your business without exaggerating or becoming brash and you’ll soon notice the difference in the response from your customers. So how do you get that balance right?

Authenticity – make sure your brand is your own, not a poor imitation of someone else. The most powerful brands project the voice of their business clearly, sharing its passion, expertise and honesty without it feeling forced.

Excitement – what are your customers looking for? What will make them click onto your website or call you to find out more? Your design work – whether it is photographs, graphic design or words – should appeal to your potential customers’ desires. Identify and appeal to these, and you will have much more success with your marketing.

Snappy – it can be tempting to try to tell potential customers everything about your business, in the hope that something will appeal to them. However, they will never read long paragraphs of text or turn the pages of huge brochures unless you have already captured their imagination with something snappy. Focus on what they want or need and stick to speaking to their desires in a clear, concise way. The detail can follow later.

Branding and design are among the most important aspects of your marketing toolkit. While you are working with your existing customers, they are out in the world, representing your business and trying to bring new people to you. Make sure they are doing the job as well as you want them to. If you need help, our experts are more than happy to guide you through. Get in touch with Victoria to find out more about the options we offer.

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