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Have you ever found yourself in a new role and felt completely out of your depth? Or set up a business in your field of expertise, then discovered you need a whole set of other skills you had never even considered?

It happens a lot. Competent, confident staff earn a promotion – and find they are unprepared for their new responsibilities. Equally, talented professionals such as Hairdressers, photographers and accountants set out on their own, but struggle with the day-to-day challenges of running a business alongside doing what they do best.

I have spent years working with businesses where this has been the case. Just think of all the extra responsibility a new role can involve, whether you’re running your own business or managing one for someone else. From promotion and marketing to staffing problems, there are all sorts of situations which arise that most people have no training to deal with.

So what’s the solution?

Well, you could find training courses and acquire the knowledge and skills you need. This will allow you to handle different situations, but it will also take time for you to gain the kind of experience that gives you real confidence – and going on every kind of training course is not only time consuming, but very expensive.

Alternatively, you could employ someone who already has that knowledge and experience and allow them to sort out any problems that arise. However, if you only want a day a month from a marketing expert, and your HR crises arise once in a blue moon, you will soon find yourself paying a salary for someone to twiddle their thumbs.

It was the desire to offer a third, more practical solution that led to the creation of Vision in Business. Instead of trying to learn everything yourself, or employing someone in every relevant sector, you can call on us for support whenever you need it – and go it alone when you don’t. Our experts deal with individual needs including websites, marketing, branding, HR and social media for clients of all shapes and sizes. We work best as a team, coordinating our skills to achieve a complete solution to enable any business to achieve its vision.

If you need help, but you’re not sure if Vision in Business is for you, just get in touch for a chat without any obligation. We’re always happy to help.

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