IT Services

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” ― Paul Cookson

A company website is often the first thing a potential customer sees of any business. It needs to show that you can meet their needs, showing off your business to best effect in order to bring people to you.

However, it needs to be much more than just a pretty face – it needs to be functional and adaptable so it will always do its job properly. The words on the page are important too: if your website can’t be found by search engines, you can’t be found by potential customers! And if you’re easy to find, but your website is dull or doesn’t sell your services powerfully, it’s not doing its job properly. Contact forms, online booking systems and e-commerce functions need to be reliable and efficient. Badly functioning websites are nothing but a headache and can lose you valuable business.

Our experts are able to design and build stylish websites which not only reflect your business’s unique brand, but also have outstanding functionality to keep your customers and clients happy – and coming back to you time and time again.

Website Development

Whether you require a new website alone or you are getting a full brand refresh, it is important that a website build is done correctly. Our development team will assess your requirements and advise on how they can be achieved. Through the design team’s skills and Victoria’s marketing experience, we create fantastic mood boards to match your vision and create a website that makes you proud.

These days, the majority of internet use is on mobile devices, so websites need to look just as good on a phone or tablet as they do on a PC. Our websites are always responsive, so they can cater for every device and the user can get the most from the site no matter how or where they are viewing it.

Throughout the build, we offer regular updates and use your feedback to ensure what is being created matches your needs, as well as being up to date with any changes or recommendations from our team of experts.

If you need us to replace an existing site, we can work with the existing development team to ensure that the migration from one platform to the other is seamless. This will mean that the site’s uptime is kept at the highest possible levels.

VIB SEO Subscription

How do you know your website is working the way it should be? Our team will carry out an initial audit to understand how the site is performing and give you insight into areas of growth. The team will then provide you with a proposal for what can be improved, based on factors including existing performance, competitor performance and available search traffic.

We will work to optimise the website, providing a list of the changes required and splitting all advice into quick wins and long-term solutions. We will also look at off-site factors such as link building and citations, advising how these can improve our website’s visibility to potential customers.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow, and defend and improve its position in your search market.