Sue Scarre


I totally blame my mother, who wrote amusing ‘observations’, and her best-selling author cousin (Anne Margery Maughan) for why I write content. They definitely nurtured my creative talents from a young age, but it wasn’t until after I left teaching that I began copywriting. My son worked for WMG and asked if I’d like to write blogs on a freelance basis – and of course I grasped the opportunity with both hands and said, “Buh bye teaching!” I subsequently received training in content marketing, and worked as a marketing executive for an eLearning company. The psychology behind marketing is fascinating. I create optimised content for social media, web pages, blogs, ebooks and email campaigns. I enjoy playing around with graphic design and creating websites using WordPress and Wix. I have a keen interest in music, so in my spare time I play bass and sing with Stockyard Crossing, a rock and blues covers band.