Everyone can take a photograph

With smart phones and digital cameras, we’re all constantly capturing memories and moments in our lives.

But there’s a world of difference between getting a great holiday snap and being able to capture the essence of your business in one image. Having striking photographs can make a real difference to your success in lots of ways.

If you use photographs in your marketing, they need to be first class. A badly taken shot will stand out even more when it’s in a newspaper or in your brochure. Restaurants, for example, entice customers with beautiful pictures of mouth-watering dishes – but a poorly taken photograph can make them look much less appetising! The same can be said for all kinds of pictures, so think carefully about the image you are promoting for your business.

A good photographer will be able to take your ideas and create a visual representation of what you want your customers to know about your business. Whether you want to appear fun and friendly, or professional and reliable, they will set up the right shots to share that image with your potential customers. Not only that, but they have the skills in lighting, staging and editing to get the best possible impact for you.

Finally, remember that what works in print may not work on a website, and may be even less suitable for social media. Context is really important when it comes to photography, so plan your promotion and make sure you have a stash of photos ready to use on all platforms. Keeping a theme between them all will make you recognisable and memorable to potential customers, so make sure every image you use ties in with your branding and image for the best results.

If your photographs are letting you down, we can help. Our professional, experienced photographers can ensure you get the most from your visual marketing. Contact Vision in Business to find out more.

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