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GDPR Tips for Dental Practices

The General Data Protection Regulation takes effect from 25th May 2018 and if it’s sending your stress levels skyrocketing, relax. The bulk of GDPR will seem familiar, as it’s similar to the current Data Protection Act (DPA). By taking a few, straightforward steps now, you’ll ensure your practice will be fully compliant when it comes to storing patients’ personal, identifiable data. Alert your team It’s vital that everyone working at your practice knows about the changes GDPR will bring. A […]

Top Turnaround Strategies for Dental Practices

People won’t often associate dental practices with b2c enterprises, but since NHS dentistry is being superseded by private-only practices, that’s exactly what they need to be. With medical and dental technology and techniques developing exponentially, increasing outlay is required for the latest equipment and materials to match the competition. And with around 48,000 dental practitioners in the UK, there’s a lot of competition out there. Take the blinkers off Some owners and practice managers can be rather blinkered when it […]