A Few Home Truths

Over the years, I have worked with businesses of all different sizes, across a range of sectors. I love how varied and interesting my job is.

Yet no matter what the business, I often find the same fairly basic issues cropping up time and time again. The answers are invariably the same. So, to save you some time, I’ve created what I refer to as my Home Truths.

  • No, the website you designed yourself isn’t good enough. Unless you happen to be a professional web designer. Your website is often the first thing people see when they come to you – do you really want it to look amateur?
  • Yes, it does matter what your shop or office looks like. The best branding in the world couldn’t rescue a business if its front door had peeling paint and the reception area smelled a bit funny. You need to get your whole image right if you’re going to succeed, and that means everything from your business cards to your furniture.
  • No, your hilarious mug isn’t funny. I once worked with a dental practice where the dentist drank from a mug that said “I hate my job”. Would you want him to be looking after your teeth? I’m all for a sense of humour, but there’s a time and a place – and your surgery isn’t it. People want to know you love your job and you take it seriously. Get your branding on some mugs and make sure they’re used throughout the business (and beyond).
  • Yes, you do need to be on social media. You can turn your nose up at it all you want at home, but when it comes to business, you need to be on the ball. “I don’t get it” isn’t good enough. Either learn to do it, or find someone who can.
  • No, your work experience girl isn’t the right person to do your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al are vital parts of your marketing, just like your leaflets, your website and face-to-face meetings. Would you send a work experience kid out to a networking event? (If the answer to that is “yes”, we need to have a serious talk.)
  • Yes, you do have to worry about apostrophes. Just because you don’t know how to use them doesn’t mean nobody else cares when you chuck a few into your marketing material at random. Use a copywriter. Not only will they know how to use punctuation, they will also be a million times better than you at helping people to understand how great your business is.
  • No, a few snaps on your iPhone won’t “do for now”. If you’re using images for your website, brochures, PR, social media or anything else, they need to be right. There’s a reason that people use professional photographers even with all the technology freely available to us mere mortals, and that is quality. It really matters.

If you’ve committed any of these business sins, don’t worry – it’s never too late to fix them. Forget what has gone before and resolve to do better in the future.

Need more of my Home Truths to get your business back on track? Give me a call on 07990 726009.

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