Monthly Archives: April 2015

Why Copywriting is more than just Words

When it comes to writing about our businesses, we often feel that we’re the best person to do it. After all, we know it inside out – and anyone who runs a business must be intelligent enough to string a sentence together. However, there are some serious pitfalls to taking on any writing project alone: Accuracy – When you’re writing anything that goes out to the public, it has to be right. A missing apostrophe or a split infinitive will […]

Why Branding and Design is Important

Nobody likes a show-off. Grabbing attention and making yourself the focus can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. However, when it comes to design and branding for your business, you need to be catching as many eyes as you can. People like brands that are impressive, memorable and different – and if you fade into the background, you’ll miss out. Effective branding and design needs to strike a balance between style and substance. Show off the best aspects of your business without […]